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The Elizabeth Kollel

is a center for the advancement of Talmudic and Judaic studies located on North Avenue, in Elizabeth, NJ...

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Q. Who makes the food in yeshiva and is it good?
A. The Rebbetzin prepares all the food at home and sends it to the Yeshiva. The food is delicious and the guys enjoy the daily home made meals.
Q. How old are the students and where are they primarily from?
A. The students range from about 21 to 27 years old and are primarily from the New York Metro area, however, the Yeshiva has students originating from as far as Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Milwaukee. and Baltimore.
Q. How far are you from Newark-Liberty Airport?
A. From the airport it is a 4 mile/8 Minute drive. Traveling from the Yeshiva to the airport it is a 3 mile/5 Minute drive. For more information please visit our directions page.
Q. How often does the Yeshiva have an 'in-Shabbos' ?
A. We usually have an 'in-Shabbos' once a month. The Rebbetzin makes food for that too.
Q. When is the Yeshiva in session?
A. There are primarily three Yeshiva zmanim (semesters). Elul zman spans the entire month of Elul until Yom Kippur. Winter zman is from the beginning of the month of Cheshvan to the end of Adar. Summer zman is from the beginning of Iyar until the end of Tammuz.
Q. Are there Shiurim and if so how often?
A. The Rosh Yeshiva and another Maggid Shiur offer parallel shiurim roughly three times a week. In addition, the second seder Shoel U'Meshiv offers a chabura once a week.
Q. How can a community member like myself get involved?
A. Great question! First of all the Beis Medresh is open all day and every day for anyone that wants a place to learn. Moreover, there a number of daily shiurim and programs. These include Advanced Gemara from 9-10am (located in the Sefardic shul in the AI building), Daf Yomi from 9-10pm (located in the back of the Beis Medresh), and more. To find out more visit the community page.