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The Elizabeth Kollel

is a center for the advancement of Talmudic and Judaic studies located on North Avenue, in Elizabeth, NJ...

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Parnes Ha'yom (A Supporter for the day)
Become a partner with the Yeshiva by supporting an entire day of learning in honor of a loved one or special occasion. A special plaque will be hung for the day, informing everyone to have in mind that the learning for the day will be in your honor. In addition, the website will note that the day selected is sponsored by you, mentioning the proper honors. To become a Parnes Ha'yom, please vist the Parnes Ha'yom page and sign up today!


We can always use the extra hand! We generally need volunteers for mailings and dinner related operations. There may be other ways you can help. Don't hesitate to contact us to tell us you are available.