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The Elizabeth Kollel

is a center for the advancement of Talmudic and Judaic studies located on North Avenue, in Elizabeth, NJ...

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We are proud to offer the community a variety of programs to enrich our spiritual lives. Below are some of our programs.


Daf Yomi


Yitzy Smith

The Daf Yomi Shiur is given nightly, Sunday-Thursday, from 9pm to 10pm, in the Yeshiva's Beis Medresh, by Rabbi Yitzy Smith. Rabbi Smith has been teaching the daf for the past year and a half and has increased attendance by 66%! The small shiur size of five provides the shiur attendee opportunities to ask questions and create a dynamic environment.

Everyone agrees that Rabbi Yitzy's clarity and enthusiasm help them walk away at the end of the night with another clear daf in their pockets. When I asked a participant what he thought of the shiur he remarked, "Daf Yomi is the highlight of my day, it's stimulating and very interesting, I look forward to it every day." Another member was quoted saying, "Rabbi Yitzy is the best thing thats happened to me since electricity. He is able to explain difficult concepts with ease, is entertaining and interesting to listen to."

Rabbi Smith would be very happy to have you join the daf. So if you are thinking of starting the daf, looking for a small daf yomi lecture that is late in the evening, desiring an intimate atmosphere, or just plain like to listen to Rabbi Yitzy, there is a seat waiting for you.

Rabbi Yitzy Smith For more information email Rabbi Smith at or visit the dafyomi page.


The JEC Night Seder Learning Program


The Learning Program takes place every Monday and Wednesday evening at the JEC.

Young men from the Kollel come to the JEC to learn with around 80-90 high school students on those evenings.

The program provides donuts before it starts and dinner (free food) after finishing.

The students and kollel members learn Gemarah, Chumash, or whatever the high school students want to learn for about 45 minutes.

To learn more, watch the promotional video in this section.



The Cholent Chabura


The Cholent Chabura is the brainchild of Dovid Zweig and Yossi Platnick. It was formed with the intention to prove that chabura, cholent, and Yeshiva night seder can coexist. Three years later the Cholent Chabura has proved just that.

The Chabura begins every Thursday night after the Adath Israel Ma'ariv in the summer and at 9pm in the winter months in the Yeshiva's Beis Medresh. The Chabura generally delves into the world of contemporary halachic and ethical issues. The material is presented on a rotational basis by its members.

Marvin Rosenzewig Effie Gluck

After the roughly twenty men finish feeding themselves with food for their souls, they move over to the next room where they help themselves to food for their stomachs. There they enjoy some cholent and camaraderie. The cholent is prepared the night before with all the proper kavonahs. Cholent is served every week except during the nine days in which pizza with a side order of donuts is served. The Chabura members are very proud of their chulent, claiming that at one point it was filled with six different types of meat.

When all is said and done, some come for the cholent, some come for the friends, but all leave with a smile.

For more information contact Nachi Feit by email at nacho8279(a) Chulent3

Chabura Members

Yudi Abraham
Nachi Feit
Chanan Friedman
Effie Gluck
Rabbi Avi Katz

Bob Moskowitz
Jerry Pascher
Yossi Pinsker
Yossi Platnick
Marvin Rosenzweig

Yoel Sebbag
Rabbi Pinchas Shapiro
Baruch Sheinson
Ariel Siegel
Alex Speyer

Scott Susser
Jon Walzman
Dr. Avey Wenger
Yechiel Zidell
And Others



Retired Men's Morning Learning Program


This program is open to our older community members, taking place Monday - Thursday from 9 - 10am. The Shiur is located in the Sefardic Beis Medresh in the Adath Israel building. Gemara is generally learned. Reuven Bauman, the maggid shiur, and all its members would love for you to join them.

For more information contact the Yeshiva on the contact page or visit the Retired Kollel page.
Reuven Bauman



Sunday Morning Learning Program


The Sunday learning program begins after the 8:30 Shacharis in the JEC Beis Medresh. The program usually consists of Kollel members preparing material for the Gemorah that the Yeshiva is learning. This is followed by a shiur given by the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Schulman. Coffee and donuts are served!

Sunday2 For more information contact the Yeshiva on the contact page.



Legal Holiday Morning Learning Program


The Legal Holiday Program meets almost every legal holiday and is a much anticipated event. The Program begins with davening at 8 am in the Yeshiva Beis Medresh and is followed by fresh bagels, cream cheese, cakes, and OJ courtesy of the Yeshiva. We of course must mention the out of this world and not from this country eggs made by Elizabeth's expert chef Mr. Bruce Joyandeh that are served as well. Breakfast is followed by shiur preparation with the young men from the Yeshiva and Kollel which lasts about twenty minutes.



After the preparation, the attendees are treated to an intriguing lecture on any given Torah topic. The last shiur was given by world renowned lecturer Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky on Thanksgiving. Click to see video or listen to audio.

Looking forward to seeing you there. We will order extra.

For more information contact the Yeshiva on the contact page.

t1 t3 Rabbi Avrohom Schulman t5 t2



Spotlight on a community member



Mr. Nulman grew up in Montreal, Canada and moved to Elizabeth with his family in 1979. He works as a lawyer in a firm that specializes in workers compensation law. Mr. Nulman and his wife are very happy and proud to live in the Elizabeth community, a place that has been home to Mrs. Nulman's family for a very long time. Our spotlight community member has attended the daily daf in Yeshiva for the past 10 years since its inception. In addition to his nightly learning, Mr. Nulman studies Mishna and Nach Yomi.

During our conversation he mentioned that Rabbi Smith's daf shiur is the highlight of his day. He is grateful to the Yeshiva and Rabbi Yitzy for 'making his day every day.' The Yeshiva and Kollel are appreciative for the chizuk he provides by coming every night to our night seder. Moreover, we are happy Mr. Nulman is part of our Yeshiva family and may Hashem bless him and his family with much health and success for all time.


Learn with a Chavrusa


If you are interested in having the Yeshiva arrange a chavrusa (learning partner), please fill out the form below. We will try our best to match you with someone compatable based on your responses. Of course our Beis Medresh is always open for you to learn even without a chavrusa!

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